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About Fred Sines

Based in Surrey, England, Maurice “Fred” Sines is a self-made entrepreneur who specialises in business, specifically in the luxury mobile home industry. He is currently the Company Director of Sines Park Homes Group, which he established over a decade ago. Mr. Sines built his empire from nothing but a desire to continue the family legacy and has transformed his portion of his father’s company and his ever-growing portfolio into the impactful and successful company it is today. Outside of his professional duties, Maurice Fred Sines can often be found pursuing his other great passion in life, Golfing !

Just like his business endeavors, Maurice Fred Sines learned to play golf with his family at a very young age. He has fond memories of learning the sport from his father and began to play seriously at the age of 12. After many years of practice and perfecting his skills, he has become quite the accomplished golfer. He is a proud member of one of the UK’s most prestigious courses, the Wentworth Club, which is known around the globe as the home of golfing champions and the host of many championships such as the Ryder Cup. Mr. Sines also frequently travels to Marbella Golf Club where the Mediterranean Sea and the Benahavis Mountains are the backdrops which make an unforgettable experience. Whenever possible, he also plays a few rounds at the revered fairways of El Higueral on its competition course.

There is nothing more relaxing than being in the great outdoors, enjoying the fresh air while playing your favorite sport. While Maurice Fred Sines loves the relaxing aspects of golf, he also relishes the competition and challenges it brings. Choosing the right swing, the correct club, and knowing how to perform under different conditions are all aspects that a golfer has to constantly keep in mind. The friendly competition between friends also keeps days on the green much more enjoyable. As golf becomes more and more popular with all age groups, Fred hopes everyone will give golf a chance whether it be for the love of a challenge or to unwind after a stressful day.

While golf is Fred’s most revered hobby, football and luxury cars are among his favorites as well. Maurice Fred Sines is a massive fan of the Chelsea Football Club and has fond memories of watching the club play with his father. Mr. Sines is a season ticket holder and makes it a point to almost never miss a game. Over the years, Fred has developed an interest in luxury and classic cars, especially Rolls Royces. Mr. Sines has been fortunate enough to own several including a Phantom, Ghost, and Dawn. He also loves taking his Lamborghini for a drive around the country and on days when the weather is nice, Fred takes his Harley Davidson Fat Boy for a spin.

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