Rolls-Royce cars are some of most luxurious vehicles that the market has to offer. They come equipped with a wide variety of unique and high-end features that make the already-spectacular cars even more special.

Spirit of Ecstasy

One signature trademark of Rolls-Royce cars is the tiny figurine on the bonnet of every car produced. This emblem is known as the Spirit of Ecstasy. There are a variety of options available for customizing the emblem, such as using a figure made from 24 karat gold. Because of its value, the emblem was a target for thieves. In order to solve the problem while still maintaining this trademark symbol of luxury, Rolls-Royce came up with a brilliant strategy. Once the vehicle is turned off, a series of sensors and motors pull the Spirit of Ecstasy into the car’s bonnet so it’s hidden from view and secure from thieves.

Umbrella Chambers

Rolls-Royce cars come equipped with umbrella chambers located both on the driver and co-driver sides. These chambers are coated with Teflon, and are opened simply by the push of button. If you’re concerned about putting a damp umbrella into the chamber, you don’t have to worry! The car will actually dry your umbrella with a system of fans and heaters.

Flawless Leather

Rolls-Royce is known for their in-depth attention to every detail. This is reflected even in their seats. The material they use is high-end and absolutely flawless. For example, the company only uses the hides of bulls for their leather, because the hides of cows may contain stretch marks from when a cow gave birth. It takes about 11 bull hides to construct the interior of the car, and the process normally takes 17 days to complete.

Unique Colour

Rolls-Royce vehicles are available in a rainbow of colours. The manufacturers often offer this customization to their clients. Not only does the company allow the client to select the colour of stitching and texture of wood for the interiors, but they offer an unlimited selection of colours for the exterior, even options like Bubblegum Pink. Each paint is mixed individually, and each car is painted with five coats of the paint to ensure long-lasting colour.

Logo on the Wheels

Not only is the Rolls-Royce logo featured on every wheel, but the cars are equipped with high-end technology to ensure that the logo always remains upright and never turns upside down. It doesn’t matter how fast the car goes, the signature RR logo will always be legible. The technology works through a mechanism made up of ball bearings and a centre-weight.

Rolls-Royce vehicles come equipped with an incredible selection of high-end features. Their impeccable attention to detail help make Rolls-Royce cars the epitome of luxury.