View Fred Sines’ Car Collection


Fred Sines is a busy man, but he still makes time for his loving family and his many hobbies. Over the last few years, Fred has discovered a passion for collecting luxury and classic vehicles. He has a particular interest in Rolls Royces. He counts himself as very fortunate to be able to own a variety of cars including a Phantom, Ghost, and Dawn. He enjoys taking care of his cars, as well as taking them for a drive. His favorite vehicle to drive is his Lamborghini.

Fred Sines’ collection includes more than his cars. He has also cultivated an interest in motorcycles. On a nice, sunny day you can find him out driving his Harley Davidson. He also enjoys sharing his collection with others, especially his family. He’s a real family man and loves to spend as much time as possible with them. This mentality inspires him to drive his vehicles to pick up his grandchildren from school.

Today, he enjoys sharing his thoughts and knowledge about his hobbies, including luxury vehicles, with others through his blog posts. 

Here, you can view images of Fred Sines’ car collection.