What you do with your golf clubs when you’re not golfing will depend on whether you need short-term or long-term storage. Each scenario will have different considerations. I’ll discuss both situations below.

Short-Term Storage

If you plan to use your golf clubs during the next day or two, you can probably get away with keeping them in your garage as long as you’ve cleaned and dried them since you last used them. If your garage gets too damp, you might want to consider bringing your clubs inside to keep them safe.

One thing you should never do is keep your golf clubs in the trunk of your car, unless you’re making a quick stop to or from a golf course. Cars get incredibly hot in the summer, which can break down the glue holding the grips on your clubs in place or damage the epoxy that affixes the club heads to the shafts.

Long-Term Storage

If you know that you’re not going to use your golf clubs in the next few months, you should think about long-term storage. A set of golf clubs will be safe in a climate-controlled storage unit. Otherwise, you should keep them stored in your house or anywhere that doesn’t get too cold or too moist. This means that your garage is out unless it happens to be climate-controlled. This is especially important if you’re going to face a particularly cold winter. Extreme cold won’t do a lot of damage to the club heads and shafts, but it can cause your grips to harden and crack.

Preparing Your Clubs for Storage

We briefly touched on cleaning and drying your golf clubs before you store them anywhere, but that cannot be stressed enough. Unless you’re going to use your golf clubs again the next day, you should always clean off your clubs and dry them thoroughly before you put them away. The last thing you want to deal with is mold growth on a set of clubs that haven’t been properly dried before going into a damp environment for three months.

Most avid golfers probably know this, but golf clubs are more delicate than people realize. A good set of golf clubs is an investment for professional and amateur golfers alike, and they should be treated as such. Keep these tips in mind when you put your golf clubs away, whether that may be for a few days or a few months.