The list of fun and interesting things to do in Dubai is never-ending. Everyone knows to visit places like Ferrari World and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. No trip is complete without walking along the Corniche or riding a dune buggy through the desert. However, for someone who enjoys traveling off the beaten path there are a plethora of things to do that are both unique and stimulating! If your itinerary allows, make sure to check out these fantastic alternative destinations.


The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital


Sure, there are plenty of places and local events where you can see Falcons up close. However, if you want to see them in flight and learn more about the birds make sure to visit the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital. Located on Swihan Road near the airport, the organization is doing amazing work at caring for and rehabilitating falcons. All tours must be booked in advance.


The Mangroves in Abu Dhabi


Dubai is popular for desert safaris and dune bashing, which makes sense considering it has some of the harshest, hottest deserts on Earth. That makes the mangrove forest even more alluring. The forest is inhabited by hundreds of reptile and bird species. It’s important because the forest helps the country to preserve its ecosystem, reduce carbon emissions and prevent coastline erosion that is caused by ocean currents. If you make a trip out to the mangroves try to go kayaking through the narrow water lanes, which were shaped by all of the vegetation.


Ski Dubai


The first of its kind to open in the Middle East, Ski Dubai is the world’s third largest indoor ski slope. This unique resort includes a zip line and penguin exhibit. It can be loads of fun to step away from the Middle Eastern heat and into a place that’s temperature is -1 Celsius with real snow! Plus, the Snow Park provides guests with all of the necessary gear to stay warm, which means you don’t have to pack a parka to enjoy hit the slopes.


Warehouse 421


The place is designed to be community-focused and help in supporting the local creative talent. There are constantly events taking place at Warehouse 421; from live music to photography exhibitions. Anyone from architects to illustrators can visit, have a bite to eat and get inspired.