Travelling abroad has become even riskier, with the recent coronavirus outbreak plaguing countries around the globe. But even before a viral pandemic, travelling abroad has always come with a certain degree of risk. Here are four tips to stay safe:


Blend In


Looking like a tourist in a new place can attract the attention of unfriendly locals including pickpockets, con artists, and thugs. Blend in by wearing neutral colours, avoiding any loud or wild gestures, and avoiding wearing high-value accessories, such as jewellery. If you are bringing valuable equipment, such as a DSLR camera, keep it in your bags until you intend to use it.


Learn to Communicate


Learning some basic words of the country you’re visiting can go a long way in ensuring your safe travel while there. It also makes it easier to move around. Weeks before your expected travel date, start learning the country’s language. Acknowledge the fact that you won’t be able to fluently learn a language in a short amount of time, but pick up 20 or so words that can help you ask simple questions, like what bus or train station to take or how to order something from the cafe.


Don’t Just Trust Anyone


Being too trusting with strangers is a huge safety risk when travelling. Listen to any tourist tips that strangers offer you but figure it out for yourself if it’s a valid tip or a scam. If invited to a party, always bring a friend or family member and verify the address on Google Maps.


Get Travel Insurance


It’s a commonly overlooked investment until you lose luggage at the airport or incur medical bills at a hospital overseas that isn’t covered by your local insurance policy. Travel insurance policies can be tailored to suit the individual it is insuring. It offers coverage for medical expenses, extensive assistance services, pre-existing conditions, identity theft resolution, baggage loss/delay, or hotel accommodation issues.


Final Thoughts


When travelling abroad, keeping safe should be your top priority. The safety measures above are only a few of the many precautions you should take while travelling. Getting the proper vaccinations, packing and moving light, and having the right backpack for the trip are also things to consider.