As the COVID-19 virus has forced countries around the world to begin practising social distancing, more and more people are staying at home. Although staying at home can be a bit boring, sometimes even daunting, it’s important that we try to make the most out of the present situation. Not everyone is capable of completing their work from home and even those that can may begin to feel a bit isolated.


Here are a few ideas for how to stay busy while at home.


Create a Workspace


Set aside an area that is designated for work. If you are someone who is continuing to work remotely make sure to set clear boundaries for yourself. Aside from using the same area to complete your work, make sure that you’re sticking to a routine. Wake up and dressed each day, even if it’s just putting on a fresh shirt with your sweats. Have breakfast and stay firm with your family that certain hours are your work time.


Master a Recipe


Is there a dish that you’ve been wanting to try? Flip through few cookbooks or look up a special recipe online. If you’re feeling particularly bored try to get inspired by opening up the pantry and creating something from the ingredients you have on hand. Brushing up on your culinary skills is a great way to pass some time.


Volunteer Virtually


If you’re looking for ways to help then go online and learn about ways to help others virtually. There are tons of organizations that use the assistance of virtual volunteers. The United Nations has a program that connects volunteers to organizations all around the world. There are many short and long term positions for people who are interested. You can help with things such as advocacy, translation, technology services, and writing or editing.


Stay Connected


Make sure that you’re staying in touch with those who are important to you. Aside from your phone you can use apps such as Skype and Zoom to video chat with friends and family that you haven’t been able to see. Don’t forget to check in on people who may be alone during social distancing.


Learn a New Skill


Pick up a new hobby or skill! Have you been meaning to hone your photography skills? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn computer programming. Now’s a great time to hone your skills or pick up a new pass time. 


The amount of things to keep you busy at home is never ending. If you’re able to get outside, take walks for exercise and fresh air. Do puzzles, read, clean out a closet, or come up with new cocktail recipes. Make sure that you’re drinking water, getting enough sleep and exercising each day.