Luxury cars are some of the best shows of an automaker’s craftsmanship. They’re also a niche market. Today they make up just about 10% of all cars sold around the world. However, the market for luxury cars is continually expanding. In part because of new demand coming from developing markets like China. Demand for luxury cars is also growing in European countries. Because of this growth, automakers are putting more focus on the luxury models that they produce. For 2020, they’re offering some incredible vehicles.


The 2020 Jaguar F-Type is a good example of a traditional sports car that’s getting a modern-day revamp. This two-door, high-performance coupe has the unique Jaguar look, and it will keep that. The big news is that it’s going electric. This has been a trend with other British brands like Range Rover, too. The market is demanding more eco-friendly vehicles, even luxury models, and manufacturers are listening. It’s unclear exactly what form the new engines will take, but a plug-in or hybrid version of this Jag is expected to hit the market soon.


The 2020 Porsche Taycan is another great high-performance luxury car. This vehicle features four doors. It’s unique in that it’s an electric vehicle, with an innovative powertrain. The Taycan features two electric motors. Depending on the configuration, the Taycan can deliver between 522 and 616 hp. This car was named after energetic young horses, and it’s easy to see why. The Porsche Taycan can go from 0 to 60 in just 2.6 seconds. In countries like Germany, where ultra-fast chargers have been installed, the Taycan can charge for up to 250 miles of driving range in just 15 minutes.


A brand that people may not normally associate with luxury is Toyota. This brand is generally known for making reliable, sturdy cars for the mass marketplace. However, the 2020 Toyota Century has high-end written all over it. This full-sized limousine has the boxy silhouette of a classic Lincoln or Cadillac. The statement grille is a focal point of the vehicle. This car has been a fixture in Japan for decades, but it’s rarely seen in Europe or North America. Still, it’s worth taking a look at it, because this is a truly beautiful automobile.