There’s no denying that luxury cars are a cut above other vehicles. But what exactly sets luxury vehicles apart? The term luxury sometimes seems nebulous, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many features that define luxury vehicles. The difference between luxury and average vehicles is evident from the time you enter the dealer’s showroom to when you’ve had your car for years and are taking it for another Sunday drive. 

Dealership Experience

For many, the luxury car experience first begins with the dealer itself. The top car manufacturers expect their vehicles to be showcased well, and customers are after a purchasing experience unlike the norm. Many dealers create beautiful showrooms and comfortable areas for clients to relax as they wait to view the vehicles. The customer service must be top-notch. People purchasing luxury vehicles expect perks such as free loaner cars, car washes, beverages, and other amenities. 

Many car brands producing luxury models have opted to start completely new brands for their luxury cars. High-end stores featuring only luxury vehicles attract a different clientele. The services found in luxury dealerships simply aren’t practical to implement at commercial dealerships. 

Driving Details

When it comes to luxury cars, it’s all about the details. An average commercial car can get you from one place to another, but a luxury vehicle pampers the driver through every detail. For example, any car will have a suspension system in place that keeps the wheels on the ground. A luxury car, however, will have exception suspension. The driver and passenger won’t be able to feel any bumps in the road as they drive. Some luxury vehicles even come equipped with an adjustable suspension on air springs. Such a system automatically adjusts for any road condition. 

Luxury Features

Luxury vehicles are also equipped with a variety of unique, luxurious features like heated leather seats and built in navigation or camera systems. Other cars include systems of apps, software, built-in vacuums, and more. Luxury cars are also highly customizable. The buyer can pick everything from the exterior paint color to the type of upholstery lining the interior.  

When deciding whether or not a luxury vehicle is right for you, take all of these points into consideration. If you’re looking for a unique buying experience, perfect drive, and luxurious features, than a luxury vehicle may be perfect for you.